The symptoms and treatment of neuralgia of the back in adults

Neuralgia of the back has enough characteristic features, characterized by the occurrence of acute pain. Soreness occurs as a result of pressure on nerve endings located close to damaged and inflamed tissues. Often the pathological process occurs between the ribs.

Neuralgia of the back is observed often enough in adults and children. Often a doctor patients treated at the advanced stage of the disease altogether or limit treatment use only anti-inflammatory drugs.


There can be various causes of heartburn and the occurrence of the disease is due to a variety of factors, such as:

The main symptoms of neuralgia
  • allergies;
  • tumors;
  • injury;
  • hernia between vertebrae;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • significant physical activity and many others.

Of course these are just the main reasons for the formation of the disease, since there are many different aspects that contribute to pressure on nerve endings, which leads to inflammation.

Important! To resolve this pathology and reduce the main symptoms of the disease, be sure to carry out the complex therapy with the use of various techniques.


The main symptoms of neuralgia of the back are characterized by the fact that there are continuous sharp aching pain extending along the nerve endings. During the ongoing seizures can also be secondary symptoms, such as:

  • sweating;
  • on the contrary the redness or paleness of skin;
  • the muscle tremors.

Often neuralgia of the back symptoms it provokes after excessive physical exertion, sleep in an uncomfortable position, too sudden movements. The result is excessive strain of the musculoskeletal system, swelling of muscular tissue, irritation of nerve endings and are formed of pain. While the pain may increase the spasm of the muscles, as well as clamped nerve endings in the back and the pain is greatly enhanced.

In case of neuralgia of the spine is increased pain when inhaling even. Painful sensations are determined by a simple pressure on the back area. Of the sensitivity of the damaged roots may not be. The pain may be of a different nature and appear in the form:

  • numbness;
  • tingling;
  • burning.

Threat this disease that can affect the sciatic nerve, the pain can give under the shoulder blade or lower back. Often the soreness is felt most strongly when bending and turning.

Neuralgia back on the nature of the existing manifestations somewhat similar to such diseases as pneumonia or myocardial infarction. Therefore, if there is even minor symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor for examination and correct diagnosis.

In case of pronounced symptoms of disease a doctor prescribes x-ray examination of the structure of the spine, which can not only confirm the diagnosis but also to identify many other diseases of the spinal column, flowing hidden.


How to treat neuralgia spins – interested in many patients suffering from pain and other symptoms characteristic of this disease. Often with timely treatment to the doctor neuralgia is very fast and responds well to therapy. The main goal of therapy is the elimination of acute attacks and pain. In addition, it is necessary to remove the cause which provoked the appearance of neuralgia.

Therapy involves the application of specific tools and methodologies, such as:

  • chiropractic;
  • massage;
  • acupuncture;
  • physiotherapy;
  • medication;
  • traditional medicines.

Depending on what is neuralgia of the back the symptoms and treatment used is chosen from these forms. Addressing the acute attacks of pain, perhaps because of the embargo or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. After elimination of the first signs of pathology showing holding of massage that helps to relax muscles, boost immunity, and restore the basic functions of the body.

Intercostal neuralgia

After carrying out basic medical procedures shown specific exercises that need to find a specialist. Therapy should be conducted using procedures, massage, compresses and ointments.

It is important to know how to treat neuralgia of the back, as this will allow you to pick the best method for therapy and to significantly improve their health.

Drug therapy

Neuralgia treatment back involves the application of certain medicinal drugs. Initially, you need to eliminate soreness, reduce inflammation in the tissues, and to restore all the required functions. In each case, the doctor individually selects medications and their dosage.

To eliminate the pain shows the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. Usually prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, in particular, such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Diclofenac, Ortofen. As these drugs can cause problems with the stomach and intestines, it is necessary to observe certain precautions.

In addition, the neuralgia of the spine in adults treated with medicines that help to eliminate muscle spasms. In particular, we show the application of such remedies as Finlepsin, Carbamazepine, Gabapentin. Also often applied and antidepressants, which help reduce the perception of pain and to dull the sensation.

Throughout the course of therapy are advised to take b vitamins, which are prescribed in pill form or by injection. If intense pain is shown holding the blockade, however, they apply only in the absence of Allergy to the injected drug.

Neuralgia treatment is carried out not only inside but also outside, therefore, are shown applications of ointments and gel with strong anti-inflammatory effect, such as Ketoprofen, Voltaren, Finalgon Diclofenac. Treatment drugs should not exceed 5-7 days. As soon as the patient's state of health will improve, are appointed by additional procedures.

If methods of conservative therapy have not brought the desired result, it shows a surgical intervention, involving the removal of tissue putting pressure on nerve endings or expansion of the nerve channels.

Folk methods

Treatment of neuralgia of the back and involves the use of traditional methods, however, they are used as a complement to traditional medicine. A good anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect has the ointment prepared from the buds of the lilac and pork fat.

To eliminate muscle tension and helps calm tea with Melissa. Help relax bath with a decoction or infusion of pine cones. To reduce the swelling of the inflamed tissue will help the salt lotions. Juice black radish or horseradish helps to improve blood circulation in the damaged region. To treat neuralgia it's possible with ointments, made on the basis of bee or snake venom.

After carrying out massages and lotions you need to wrap the sore area as warmer and to avoid excessive physical stress and drafts.