Cream for joints with shark fat

All diseases sneak up on us very quickly, including problems with joints and spine. In the beginning there is only a slight stiffness in movement, to which few people pay attention. And most often it is charged to age or fatigue at work. Over time, these favorite Hiking cease to attract, and bike trip, which had brought so much pleasure, now moved into the category of taboo.

However, few people think that all of this through a short period of time will lead to early destruction of the joint itself, which will be accompanied by severe pain both day and night. And then people start to think about the tin man with oil, which has lubricated your joints as soon as they started to creak. But really, the same means do not exist for the people? It turns out that this ointment is, and it is called with shark fat.

Effects on the body

Cream with a fat shark is a unique tool that not only helps prevent disease, but also contributes to the fact that the joints and vertebrae cease to collapse that occurs in many diseases and their damaged tissue begins to regenerate.

Among the main actions of the cream are the following:

  • 1 - It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • 2 - Saves the joint in the water, which acts as a pillow cushioning.
  • 3 - Increases flexibility and joint mobility.
  • 4 - Helps fractures, even those that are classified as the most difficult.
  • 5 - Normalizes metabolic processes in the cartilage.
  • 6 - Dissolve salt deposits.
  • 7 - Improves the nutrition of the discs of the vertebrae.

This means that the tool can be used not only for treatment but also for prevention of different pathologies of the joints and spinal column. However, his benefits will be significant, but the damage to the minimum, especially if before using, the patient will consult with a neurologist or orthopedist.

Indications and contraindications

Before you start to use the ointment, you should always consult with a doctor, as this drug has some contraindications. As for readings, they are many but the main include:

  • 1 - Arthrosis.
  • 2 - Arthritis.
  • 3 - Ankylosing spondylitis.
  • 4 - Disease Reuters.
  • 5 - Deforming osteoarthritis.
  • 6 - Mezhpozvonkovyy low back pain.
  • 7 - Injuries.
  • 8 - Fractures.
  • 9 - Dislocations.
  • 10 - Stretching.
  • 11 - Tservikalgiya.
  • 12 - Plechelopatochnyy periartroz.
  • 13 - Sciatica.
  • 14 - Lumbago.
  • 15 - Pain syndrome.

This is not a complete list of diseases, which can be used with the fat khondroitin and glyukozamin.

However, before you start treatment, you need to know about contraindications. Most often it is individual intolerance of one or another component of the composition of the drug. But it happens very rarely, as all its ingredients are of natural origin.

Another contraindication is allergic to fish, and absolutely any. Also from the use of the cream is to give pregnant women and the mothers who feed their babies breast.


In the gel includes 3 components. It is fat shark, glucosamine and chondroitin. Even individually, these components have a positive effect on the joints, and in such a comprehensive compound their effect is amplified several times.

Glucosamine is a natural component that is produced by the tissue of the human body. However, deficiency can develop a variety of degenerative pathology of the articular tissue. This substance is involved in the production of collagen, promotes better nutrition of the tissue of the cartilage, keeps the joint fluid. However, when you use to expect a rapid effect is not necessary, therefore, to obtain an initial result it is necessary to apply the remedy for at least two months.

What is the use of fat shark? This is a real pantry of useful substances, vitamins and microelements. Among them, the following are particularly important:

  • 1 - Squalene – powerful antioxidant that helps to cope with a variety of inflammatory processes.
  • 2 - Skvalamin – a natural antibiotic for the feet, which in its properties and is not inferior to the synthetic analogues. In addition, helps to clean vessels from atherosclerotic plaques.
  • 3 - omega-3 fatty acids needed to maintain normal levels of cholesterol.
  • 4 - Alkoglitserol is the real stimulator of the immune system, which controls the growth of cells in the body and prevents the appearance of malignant tumors.

And finally, a few words about the third major component khondroitine. It is for joints – same as blood vessels. That is, without loss of their normal job. It helps to combat the enzymes that are destructive to cartilage. And its regular use allows you to return to the previous joint flexibility and mobility.

How to use?

To buy this drug can be in almost any pharmacy. However, we must remember that today there are a lot of fakes, so buy the best cure is already trusted manufacturer and where the risk of forgery is minimal.

Be treated by fat shark, forming part of this drug is very simple. The first thing you need to do is squeeze a small amount of cream on your palm. Then apply it on the area where there are certain joint injury or pain syndrome.

To apply the ointment with the best massage, but so as not to cause a person pain. The best thing to do until then, until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin. In place of the application of any wraps or bandages to apply is not necessary, however, the hands must be washed with soap and water. To carry out this procedure 2 – 3 times a day, depending on the General condition and the severity of the disease.

Instructions this tool is best used in combination therapy of diseases, that is to be treated not only them but also other drugs, including pills and injections. In this case, the effect will be more quick. As for the reviews of people who have already tried this tool, practically all of them speak about it only positively.

Additional information

The use of fat shark with glyukozamin and khondroitin is not only a great way to heal the joints, but also an excellent tool for the prevention of joint diseases. The fact is that no joint in the human body has no nerve endings, so in the beginning of its destruction, the person feels no pain. Pain comes much later, when the bones begin to RUB against each other.

The same can be said about other common disease – osteochondrosis. Therefore it is impossible to delay treatment, the more that fat shark is one of the best means to bring your joints back to normal.

Fat shark — ointment for joints: instruction, reviews and price

The shark, perhaps the most popular fish. Not everyone knows what a Dorado fish or fugu, but this predator know in any country of the world. As a rule, due to the scary stories and more scary movies, but that's about the benefit of shark knows very few people.

We do not consider the role of this fish in nature and not deli meat, and talking about the liver, which is made unique wax fat shark for joints. Ointment fat shark for joints in the structure is considered for the human body one of the most useful.

Use fat shark

Used fat shark, adding medication in the role of a substance which relieves pain and inflammation. In the fat composition are:

  • 1 - Vitamin D, namely ergokal'tsiferol, kholekal'tsiferol and calciferol, which helps to absorb the calcium, so necessary for healthy cartilage and bones.
  • 2 - vitamins a and E are the best antioxidants which can repair the tissue of cartilage, as well as strengthen bone tissue and blood vessels, to prevent the development of blood clots.
  • 3 - trace elements: iron, magnesium and zinc, which ensure the normal operation of the body completely.
  • 4 - Skvalamin is distinguished by its anti-inflammatory quality may reduce pain, in addition to this effect, works perfectly and relatively parasitic fungi.
  • 5 - Squalene – a natural antibiotic the breadth of use and power in no way inferior to its synthetic counterparts. Can relieve inflammation, pain, stimulates the immune system and has antitumor effect.
  • 6 - polyunsaturated Fatty substances can normalize the metabolic processes, which may be accumulation of salts in the joints and increase of pathological appearances of the bone – osteofitov.
  • 7 - Alkiglitserol – it is also a natural stimulant of immunity, which gives you the ability to fight bacteria and infections, to remove cancer cells and to normalize blood circulation processes.

Act as drugs for the treatment with fat shark

Fat shark is the basis of a large number of different drugs. For use inside used capsule. During arthritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, inflammatory processes directly joints, muscles, ligaments, and various diseases of the skin use a cream or ointment.

People used to leave positive reviews about it. The restoration maintained the integrity of the cells occurs, as a rule, due to the impact of skvalamina and squalene.

Being in a cream or ointment, these elements can penetrate into tissues, helps to normalize metabolism and enrich the nutrients that this leads to a decrease in inflammation and pain.

In addition, in the drugs based on the fat shark the elements in the body will trigger the work of collagen and formation of elastin. These two elements are at the basis of connective cells and allows the skin to retain strength and ductility, and better to recover after surgeries.

Like every medication, fat shark for joints is described in the contraindications for use. Therefore, before you buy this product in the store or order at the pharmacy, you need to consult with your doctor.


Varieties of products based on fat shark

At the moment there are several types of medications which help in the pathology of joint and cartilage:

Cream the fat shark for joints with shungit. This mineral substance is one of the oldest on earth and initially became widespread as a unique item for water purification. The unique properties of this mineral which give it the carbon elements – fullerena, which are saturated with water, passed through shungit healing qualities.

Fat shark based on glyukazamina and chondroitin. This drug has the ability to reanimate the tissue of cartilage. First and foremost these substances people are getting at the same time with food intake, but when the day menu is not balanced, the shortage will result in rapid wear of the joints and failures.

Fat shark based on formic acid, mustard extract or honey also has anti-inflammatory properties and great relieves pain in the cartilage and spine. Mustard and honey has long been know as the products with many positive qualities.

Cream on the basis of their uses both conventional medicine and is used in folk recipes. What about formic acid, this substance is considered an excellent antiseptic and helps during injuries, bruises and stretch marks.

  • 1 - fat shark-based Cayenne pepper. This plant is also know as a very hot and pungent spice. Pepper in its composition has an element kapsaitsin, which has the ability to increase blood circulation to injured areas.
  • 2 - fat shark-based sabel'nika. This plant substance has the ability to normalize the cartilage blood circulation and lymph flow, reduce swelling and thereby enhance feeding of the deformed cells. In combination with fat shark it relieves pain and inflammation during arthritis and arthritis.
  • 3 - Fat shark on the basis of birch leaves. Unlike other this ointment, on the contrary, has a cooling property, which makes it quickly relieves pain. Because, as a rule, used during sprains, bruises and injuries.
  • 4 - Fat shark on the basis of ginger. Famous original flavor of this root has many beneficial elements, including trace elements, vitamins, essential extracts and amino acids. In addition to anti-inflammatory properties, this set of ingredients made the ginger quite successful in the treatment of numbness of the lower extremities and convulsions, diseases of the veins and poor blood circulation.
  • 5 - Ointment from fat shark on the basis of Laurel. Extracts that are in this plant also have anti-inflammatory properties and helps against fungi, infections and viruses. And being a part terpinoidy give the opportunity to withdraw from cartilage, excess salt, and also restore metabolic processes in tissues and cells.