The use of cushion osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis – a disease that causes considerable discomfort to the person, so to ease their condition, many people use special cushion. It eases the condition, normalizing the blood circulation in the cervical spine. Such tools are made from foam, cotton or special tightly rolled fabric. Such a cushion under the neck from degenerative disc disease can be purchased at almost any pharmacy establishments specializing in the sale of products that help to get rid of the problems of bone and muscle tissue.

Medium efficiency

The popularity of beads from osteoarthritis of the neck due to the fact that these tools help not only in disease prevention but also for treatment. Due to the fact that people often during your sleep sleeping in the wrong position, causing all his muscles are unable to relax as required. It is on the process of relaxation of the muscles and focuses the product to be used under the neck at night.

The main effects resulting from the use of the cushion experts will include:

Medium efficiency
  • The relief of pain.
  • Eliminate discomfort.
  • Improving blood circulation.
  • Promoting the normalization of metabolic processes.
  • Muscle relaxation of the muscles.
  • Proper rest at night.
  • Improving emotional state.

Doctors recommend to continue to use the cushion, even after all symptoms have been eliminated, and it went into remission. This will help prevent further aggravation of the condition, the recurrence of symptoms and need for long-term treatment drugs.

It is important to remember that proper sleep in this disease, as osteochondrosis is a very important component of therapy, both therapeutic and preventive. Therefore it is impossible to treat this process easy and not serious.

This can further influence the deterioration of health and lead to adverse consequences, expressed in the progression of the disease.

How to make a choice

Roll from back problems is quite effective and useful tool, but only when the choice in the pharmacy was perfectly true and correct. That is why you should pay attention to the recommendations of doctors and other diabetics.

It should be noted that the optimal length is about 80 inches, causing the roller, even if the person in sleep much tossing and turning, always remains in the place where it was placed originally.

How to make a choice

You should also pay attention to the thickness for the neck. This parameter directly affects the treatment efficiency of the cushion. In order to choose the good treatment for the back, you need to measure the distance from the neck to the bed, adding to it approximately two centimeters. Thus, the cushion will be good to support the neck, repeating the natural curves of the spine the person.

In some cases, podiatrists recommend the use of such products and under other parts of the body. It is primarily for the ankle joints, and lumbar spine. Thus, it is possible to deal with the problem of osteoarthritis is maximally complex.

You must also pay attention to the cost of the cushion. This indicator does not directly depends on the effectiveness and usefulness of the product, but the price is significantly affected by the materials used. The more cheap and unreliable substances were used in production, the cheaper will be the roller. Therefore it is necessary to choose products in the middle price value. It is best to consult initially with the doctor involved in the treatment of diseases of the back. He may, on the basis of their experience to recommend the best pharmacies companies.

what to pay attention

Using a roller for the neck in osteochondrosis, it is necessary to pay attention to eight important enough things that will help you resolve the problem of the spine more effectively. These include the following items:

What to pay attention
  1. If the use of the roller from degenerative disc disease have led to the deterioration of the pain and aggravation of the disease, you need to stop lying on him. After two or three days will again begin to sleep on the product.
  2. If in certain circumstances it is impossible to buy a professional cushion at the pharmacy, it may be time to replace the pillow or blanket, selected for the cervical curve.
  3. If you use the same cushion in other parts of the body worse discomfort, you need to purchase the other two products.
  4. If you sleep on the cushion led to the appearance of swelling in the lower extremities, you need to start a medication against this symptom. They must be appointed only by a qualified physician based on the diagnosis of the patient.
  5. If osteochondrosis deteriorating due to varicose veins, before buying a roller it is necessary to resolve this health problem.
  6. If for certain reasons, including because of steady habits, the patient carries out sleeping on your side, to normalize the blood circulation in the night he needs to squeeze a little extra cushion between your legs.
  7. An alternative to the cushion during sleep in cervical osteochondrosis can become special corsets or collars. But their use should definitely discuss with your doctor.
  8. It is recommended before going to sleep on the cushion to carry out some physical exercises that may advise and the attending physician depending on the clinical picture of the disease.
If it is correct to use a cushion under the neck in osteochondrosis, can be a long time to forget about this issue back, significantly improving overall health and well-being, respectively. The cost of such products often is not very big, but the effect of its application is worth the money.