How to get rid of neck pain at home

The problem of pain in the neck faced, perhaps, everything. They are different: aching, sharp, appearing only when you turn the head or, on the contrary, wearing continuous. It would seem, anything terrible: well, it hurts, and will pass. However, it is wrong. If you start and don't pay attention (and most people do it and prefer to do), the pain can become chronic and alarming constantly. And sometimes simple initially, the disease spills over into the more complex. In General, need to be treated. But as we will explain below.

How to get rid of neck pain

Causes of pain in the neck

The causes can be divided into several groups:

  1. Mechanical origin. Arise due, for example, shock or some other trauma exposure. Thus, initially, may not bother you, but appear after some time. This group may include discomfort resulting from a long stay in the same position, and also abrupt, careless movement, causing the displacement of the vertebrae or stretching of the muscles.
  2. Physiological origin. This group of pain is associated with a particular disease. Neck pain can cause diseases of different origin. Most popular low back pain. This includes intervertebral hernia of varying degrees of severity, colds, etc.
  3. Psychological origin. Such pains arise, for example, are experiencing stress or a strong nervous shock. The body and the human psyche are closely connected with each other, and any experience can easily cause frustration in any organ or body part. Neck is no exception.
  4. There is another group pain, which result from thermal effects. The neck is very easy to be cold. Hypothermia of the muscles causes them to spasm and is very strong, or, on the contrary, stupid, but not passing pain.

In any case, to identify the cause of pain in the neck can only be a doctor. Remember that this part of the body is not only very challenging to your device, but fragile. It is easy to hurt and to heal is often difficult. Such a task is impossible to handle without skilled help. That is why the first tip: if you have neck pain for at least a day and a half and persists, consult a doctor. Thus, you will avoid much more serious problems.

However to reduce the pain you can, because one of the main causes of pain is an awkward position or long stay in one position without any movement. In such cases, the problem can be easily handle yourself. We'll teach you how to do it.

How to get rid of neck pain at home

Neck can hurt in different ways. But often the feeling is so strong and sharp that the ill person, even the head can not be rotated. Sometimes the problem feels like something remote, only slightly reminiscent of myself. To alleviate their condition it is possible, but you must remember one thing: if you are unsure of the source of the pain, better do nothing on their own. One thing that just struck a nerve from the incorrect position, and quite another if there is muscle spasm in the framework of any disease.

How to get rid of neck pain at home

How to relieve the pain and help yourself? Actually, the ways are many. One of the most effective special exercises that help to relax and also to warm up the muscles of the neck.

  1. Carefully, slowly move the neck in the direction of go back and forth. Do it deliberately, listening carefully to emerging feelings. If you feel the slightest pain, or at least hints of it, stop. This exercise can be performed as a prevention of possible problems at least every day, while increasing load.
  2. Slowly, steadily move your neck left and right. Rush is also impossible. At least the first time. If you do this exercise daily, it will significantly reduce the load on the cervical vertebrae and muscles. You simply train, and the pain gradually go away. First do before the first pain, but then you can increase the workout time.
  3. "Eight". It's amazing the strength of the positive effect of exercise. Slowly describe a head corresponding number, in this case listen carefully to your own feelings. The body itself will tell you when to stop. Doing exercise every day, you can easily remove the pain and strengthen the muscles and vertebrae. Over time, you can accelerate the pace and increase the run time.

Excellent help relieve neck pain and a variety of relaxation techniques. Here are some of them:

Warm aromatic bath to relieve neck pain
  1. Soft shower. Turn on the water and adjust the shower heads on the massage, not much flow. If there is no such option, then just don't open the faucet at full capacity. Water should be a pleasant warm temperature. Direct the shower on the neck and move them up and down, as if you make light strokes. This will help the muscles relax and the spasm will pass. The neck can not be rotated, it must remain in the same position. Duration – not less than 5 and no more than 20 minutes.
  2. Warm aromatic bath. Very nice way to relieve not only neck pain, but also General fatigue of the body. Fill the bathtub with warm water (the ideal temperature is 37 degrees). It will be good if you put sea salt with relaxing effect. Lie down and try not to think. The effect of this method is because in warm water the body reflex completely relaxes and all your muscles feel comfortable.
  3. Experts recommend for pain in the neck regularly to attend certain classes, to improve blood flow throughout the body. The fact that often the problem occurs because of a lack of nutrients and most importantly oxygen. Muscles look like wood, and this is particularly felt where they are most vulnerable. For example, in the neck. Therefore, it is important to constantly work on proper blood circulation and energy metabolism. With the help of the various Eastern practices, especially yoga.
  4. Massage. Old and very effective way to not only relieve muscle tension but also to put in place the vertebrae and relieve pain in General. The doctors don't recommend to do the massage yourself, unless you know the basics of this practice. However, the simple stroking, light pressing, and measured the grinding never anyone else gets hurt. Do it carefully, gradually increasing the intensity.

Finally, there are medicinal ways to get rid of pain in the neck. But it is important to remember that often the medicines are taken alone, can only aggravate the condition. Pain killers only hide the pain but do not affect its cause. However, as short-term funds (for example, waiting for a doctor) you can take either ibuprofen or No-Spa. Acetaminophen is also frequently recommended for pain symptom in the neck, but then again, even if it did, it does not mean that the problem is solved. Do not get carried away, but better still visit a specialist.

Folk remedy for neck pain

There are folk remedies that help to get rid of this kind of pain. First of all, they are in thermal exposure and the adoption of special infusions. Are often effective, but only in simple cases or as one of the components of a competent complex therapy.

  1. The influence of temperature. Depending on the nature and cause of the pain, you either need to warm the neck, or, conversely, to cool it down. In the first case, use a warm heating pad, the second bag of ice. It is believed that warming helps with cold, and cooling when overheated or stretched. In addition, the ice perfectly takes away the pain. But if the neck is an inflammatory process, then this method can significantly aggravate the situation.
  2. Infusions and herbs. Traditional medicine knows a lot of techniques to relieve pain in the neck. Recommended to drink special teas: chamomile, for example. Can also help warming balms and ointments.

Remember that the neck is a very complex part of the human body. And it just need to take care of. Otherwise, you have pain, get rid of that can be very difficult.

A few more tips

Pain in the neck can cause a wrong position of the spine, and then you have to monitor the posture and work on fixing it. Sometimes you even have to wear a corset, but that only improves the condition and of great benefit to the body. In order to avoid pain, do not lift weights, or do it at least not dramatically. Try not to overload the spine and if you are a woman, do not wear high heels constantly.

Neck problems can occur on the basis of all kinds of diseases. Their reasons for getting almost anything. But often the problem occurs because of a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work. Adults spend most of their time in offices. In almost every case, the operation does not involve movement. If a day to sit, to bend over the Desk, still writing and talking on the phone, no wonder you get a sore neck. To avoid this, try at least three times a week to exercise. This will restore proper circulation, strengthen the muscles, align the spine. The pain first subsided, and then completely will pass.

In addition, sometimes may very well help vitamin complexes taken strictly according to instructions. They give vigor and tone to the entire body and relieve tension, pain including in the neck. Also increase immunity and improve mood and well-being.

Try to live cheerfully, actively and positively. Get the most out of life positive emotions and do not dwell on something bad. Right at home sleeping on a hard mattress in a fetal position. Doctors consider it the most relaxing and easy to use for spine and neck. Equally important is the pillow. If it is too high and hard, position for the neck would be unprofitable, and in the morning you even head can't move without pain. Choose this bedding on which to sleep the most comfortable for you.

Now you know almost everything about neck pain and how to get rid of it. Repeat: it is effective only in case, if you believe in the cause and know there was nothing serious. In all other the best way is to consult a doctor. Only he will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment. It is advisable to consult specialists in case of strong, frequent, exhausting, or long-lasting pain that significantly affects quality of life and spoil you not only physical, but also mental attitude.

Watch your body, take care of the body! And then your health will only get stronger.