What back pain? How should it be treated and what can hurt

For back pain complain 85% of people. How to properly treat it and is it possible to get rid of pain once and for all?

Back pain? You are not alone! Sociological studies show that back pain is the second after a viral infections cause of disability in the adult population. It is born with us (according to the neonatologists, 80-90% of children with birth injury of the spine) and sooner or later catches up with everyone. It is believed that this is payback for walking upright. As human growth the load on the backbone increases, the existing problems of the spine stronger and the stresses, anxiety, obesity, overload, sedentary lifestyle exacerbate existing problems and back pain can occur even at an early age.

back pain

That there is pain?

The vast majority (about 95%) the pain associated with the muscles, ligaments and joints. In people it is called to pull back. These pains are unpleasant, but not dangerous and in most cases pass on their own in 2-3 days.

3-4% of the pain associated with radiculopathy (sciatica) is a lesion of the spinal nerve root. Damaged it usually a hernia. Pain disappears when the swelling is arising due to the compression.

1-2% of back pain caused by injury or inflammatory diseases of the spine, oncological processes, diseases of the cardiovascular system or the gastrointestinal tract, in which pain can go into the back. This is the most dangerous kind of back pain. To eliminate this disease, do consult your doctor.

We must not tarry

The main indication that you need medical assistance, – the regularity of the pain. If you wring from time to time – most likely nothing serious. If the pain is minor or moderate in intensity, is pursuing you relentlessly, we must not tarry. You must immediately contact your doctor if the pain is accompanied by rise of temperature or pain syndrome is growing on the background of treatment.

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At home

The most effective means of oral anti-inflammatory drugs. Just don't overdo it – they are safe, only the first time. The prolonged use of these drugs can cause ulcers and bleeding in the stomach lining. Traditional home-treatment – non-steroidal ointment – can be applied only as additional measures. They are harmless, but ineffective. Gives relief and wearing a corset – fixation unloads the spine, relieves spasms and restricts sudden movements. Only corset to be a normal – elastic, not warming.

If treatment is not given effect within three days, you should contact the doctor who will make the blockade of anti-inflammatory injections. Due to relieve spasms and relax muscles, the pain goes away immediately and often permanently.


Bath and massages strictly forbidden. They increase swelling and pain.

To contact chiropractors on the ads in the newspaper. Chiropractic is an area where each expert has three hundred charlatans. If you really want to find a good doctor, you must report to the certified clinics, staffed by certified specialists.

It is important to correctly define the tactics of treatment. This must be done by the neurologist or neurosurgeon. To treat back dangerous. 30% of patients of the neurosurgery Department trying out home treatments and this has brought himself to hospital beds.

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To cut or not?

More recently, someone diagnosed with "hernia", and immediately gave direction to the operation. Today the surgery is performed only when indicated:

  • persistent pain, do not remove any pills;
  • disorder pelvic functions – incomplete emptying of the bladder;
  • weakness and numbness in the leg.

All these symptoms make the surgery inevitable, because without it the patient may become disabled.

The risks

The risk of surgery, where it can postpone or refuse in General, many patients consider greatly exaggerated. In neurosurgery there technology to accurately calculate the efficiency of the operation and what the symptoms are after it will disappear and which remain.

The probability of recurrence of the pain after surgery does not exceed 1-1,5%. Hernias in other areas can really appear, but this is not a complication and spread of the disease, which often occurs in young unruly patients. As soon as the pain goes away, they return to normal life: driving, resume training. And to do it categorically it is impossible.

To blame low back pain?

Low back pain – a chronic degenerative change in the intervertebral space. Signs of osteochondrosis have all people over the age of 25. To avoid osteochondrosis impossible, but you can protect yourself from its complications, which are the cause of back pain.