Back pain in the lower back: symptoms, causes, what methods of treatment.

Why is there pain in the lower back

Pain in the lumbar region of the back is extremely common. Paleontologists and biologists believe that this is a consequence of this evolutionary acquisitions, like bipedalism.

The main reasons

It is possible to allocate two groups of factors contributing to the emergence of pain in the lumbar region.

Diseases of the spine and internal organs

Pain can arise from congenital or acquired diseases.

So, to congenital malformations in particular include:

  • changes and fissures of the vertebrae;
  • irregular shape of the vertebrae, they are shortening or lengthening.

Cleft vertebrae: 1,2 rear, 3,4-lateral, 5-7-front

These problems can occur completely asymptomatic or be accompanied by acute pain when performing certain types of slopes, difficulty in movement, problems with urination, mental retardation.

Causes of lower back pain can have a neurological nature if:

  • the pinched nerve in the spine (you can describe the pain as severe and sudden);
  • lumbar degenerative disc disease, which develops as a result of a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle and causes nagging pain due to overexertion of the muscles;
  • sciatica, characterized by atrophic changes of the sciatic nerve (most often the pain this illness goes on the buttocks, occurs sharply and suddenly).
  • multiple sclerosis (a chronic autoimmune disease sheath of nerve fibers of spinal cord and brain, provokes pains of different localization, severity, and difficult to cure).

In addition, the sharp pain of this nature can also cause:

  • degenerative sacroiliitis is a serious disease that represents a chronic inflammatory process on the surface of the sacroiliac joint;
  • osteoporosis, the cause of which is lack of calcium in the body or violation of his exchange (in the initial stages the disease is characterized by chronic aching pain, cramps, change in posture).

Another type of pain in the lumbar pain with the reflected character.

They may be characteristic symptom of several diseases of different organs and systems:

  • urogenital infections (chlamydia, ureaplasmosis);
  • unstable bowel function and neoplastic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hemorrhoids arising from sedentary work;
  • tumors and polyps in the uterus;
  • complications of catarrhal diseases (angina, influenza, SARS);
  • radiculitis (provoke lumbar pain radiating to the leg).

In some cases, the cause can be:

  • physiological changes (pregnancy, childbirth, menstruation);
  • excessive physical activity (particularly lifting);
  • sudden weight gain;
  • epidural anesthesia.

What diseases and conditions sore lower back?

Causes of pain in men

Causes of pain in men

Lumbar pain in men can have different etiology and are characterized by their distinctive features.

Age and hormonal changes have little effect on men's spine, however, often problems with the prostate gland can cause characterized by profound mild pain.

The main causes of pain in the lumbar spine in men include:


Often people are not engaged in their work, physical labor, have weak back muscles, especially of the broadest muscle.

The ability to distribute physical load it is necessary to develop.

When lifting weights untrained person carries the entire weight on the lower back, not the biceps, triceps or muscles of the thoracic. The result is a stretching of the latissimus dorsi muscle.

When stretched the pain that appears and occurs, decreasing during the hot compresses, warming ointments.

It can be felt if you stand long, and held in the supine position.


Cause of fracture may be as serious trauma, injury and banal.

By changing the position of the intervertebral disc and a fracture of the lumbar spine can cause even a bad step or loss of balance.

A symptom of a fracture is acute pain in the bottom of the lower back or in the coccyx.

Sometimes the pain can move to upper or lower limbs, aggravated by change of posture.

Tumor metastasis genitals

The pain of metastasis of the bone tissue of the spine is the strongest, sometimes turning into unbearable.

The visit to the oncologist should not be delayed when a sore lower back and testicles or penis.

Such pain may be removed only with potent drugs, the process of necrotic tissue changes stop likely fail.

Kidney disease

Approximately one-third of male patients with low back pain suffering from kidney problems.

Pain in the kidneys is enhanced during movement and prolonged stay in an upright position. At rest the pain subsides.

If you long to stand, the pain may gradually increase.

This is due to the fact that the liquid flows to the kidneys and creates excess pressure on the spine.

After alcohol back pain can also increase.


This disease causes lumbar pain right and rear. Sometimes the pain experienced in the groin.

Other symptoms of prostatitis are feeling a burning sensation when urinating, problems with erection.

The main cause of disease is stagnation of blood in the capillaries or bacterial infection.

Causes of pain in women

Causes of pain in women

The female body is constantly exposed to hormonal changes and shocks.

Certain types of pain in the female body occur in the norm and are not alarming.

Pain associated with the menstrual cycle

Pain occurring at different times of the menstrual cycle does not necessarily indicate some sort of pathology:

  • When menstruation expanded uterus puts pressure on the back muscles, causing discomfort;
  • If pain arise before my period for 7-8 days, and given in the abdomen, it indicates the need to revise the diet. It is better to include in your diet more foods rich in fiber and fruit acids.
  • Pain in the middle of the cycle can be associated with the release of an egg from the ovary;
  • Pain after menstruation evidence of problems in the reproductive system, in this case, a visit to a specialist.

Pain caused by pregnancy

In the first weeks when the woman does not know her situation, she could hurt the lower back and abdomen. This kind of pain in nature resemble premenstrual and often coincide with them in time.

The delay period in this case may indicate pregnancy or an infectious process.

Sometimes there can be a little spotting, they are associated with the introduction of the ovum into the uterine wall.

If pain in lower abdomen and lower back, and the month, the first thing you need to do is a pregnancy test.

Often, such pain will accompany the woman for several months, in such cases, the doctor suggests supplementation with magnesium.

During pregnancy, especially in the last stages, most women are faced with pain above or below the waist.

This is because the growing belly exerts a heavy load on the back muscles.

If the pain is constant and is associated with active, expectant mother necessary support, which will distribute the load between different groups of muscles.

If the lower back hurts during sleep and in the morning, most likely a woman asleep in an uncomfortable position.

To help special pillow for sleep that supports the body and prevent muscle tension. Lower back pain night must pass.

Towards the end of the pain may be concentrated in the lower back right or left: it does not indicate the position of the fetus, and the bending posture.

The pain may pass from the pregnant woman, when she sits, leaning fully on the base.

After abortion

Women who choose to terminate their pregnancy or make it for medical reasons, almost 100% of cases complain of pain after an abortion.

Pains can be:

  • inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus (endometritis);
  • stress women;
  • the contraction of the uterus after abortion.

The pain may radiate to the leg or to concentrate in the bottom of the lower back.

The pain associated with childbirth

After childbirth women often experience back pain. Sometimes the pain is localized there where the coccyx or sacrum where. This is due to injuries and sprains received during childbirth.

To prevent pain can, doing special exercises during pregnancy or while visiting a pool.

Nursing mothers also can perform a set of exercises, paying particular attention to their posture.

If the pain is accompanied by a rise in temperature to 37 degrees and above, the woman abruptly thrown into a fever, should consult a doctor.

Perhaps it's the infectious process.

Pain caused by diseases of the female reproductive system

To typically female ailments, a symptom of which is pain in the lower back include:


This inflammation of the bladder, inherent in the more women. Cystitis is easily treated and diagnosed.

Urine tests for the presence of this disease is if urinating is burning, pull the lower back when leaning forward, increased body temperature.

Infectious processes in the vagina

A number of inflammation in women causing pain in the prone position.

This can be candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis or viral disease.

Similar pain can also be a symptom of kidney damage.

Inflammation of the appendages

If women suffer from lower back and ovaries, felt a burning sensation when urinating, a fever greater than 38 degrees, the required ultrasound diagnosis and treatment under the supervision of a specialist (a course of injections or oral drugs).

Pain associated with diseases of internal organs

Disease of the intestines or stomach can cause pain in the spine.

Sometimes pain in these disorders can strongly radiate — to give a leg or give in the stomach.

A similar clinical picture is that the brain incorrectly interpretiruya signal, which serves him organs.

If a sore lower back and right side, this indicates a problem with the liver or pancreas.Pain on the left side indicates appendicitis or intestinal colic.

In left side pain can occur while running or other physical exercises. It passes quickly and is not dangerous to health.

In the coccyx possible tingling and nagging pain.

What to do?

The use of ointments

This kind of medicines are very effective to quickly improve your health at home.

The use of ointments

The ointment helps to relieve inflammation, tension, having the effect of warming, if a cold rump.

There are the following groups of ointments:

  • anti-inflammatory analgesics (they are composed of medicinal substances for the cooling effect, relieves irritation — menthol, lavender, and painkillers);
  • combination drugs (used for sprains and injuries, along with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties have a healing effect due to their component of heparin, dimethylsulfoxide);
  • drugs irritant (effect based on the expansion of blood vessels and blood flow to the source of the pain);
  • chondroprotectors (one of the active ingredients of these drugs is chondroitin sulfate used in pathological processes in the cartilage that promote active restoration of cartilage surfaces of joints).


The action, which is achieved by injections, similar to taking appropriate ointments or oral drugs.

The distinctive features of this type of therapy are:

  • Speed. Fast relief of severe pain is possible only by getting medicines into the bloodstream or muscle.
  • Efficiency. The injections help to deliver active component like to target. The active substance thus is not destroyed in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The need for the presence of a specialist. Do yourself the injections alone is difficult, so you need or a daily visit to the clinic or call a nurse at home.
  • It is possible to use only on prescription. Than to treat discomfort and severe pain with injections may consult only the doctor and prescribe the necessary medication. To purchase most of them are available by prescription only.


This method of getting rid of pain is more related to the traditional medicine.

Warming good help for pain following nature — sprains, hernias, curvature, osteochondrosis.

In such cases it is recommended to commit to 10 treatments a day.

In infectious process, the heat causes blood flow to the affected tissue and increases the pain.



Massage helps in getting rid of the pain of the lumbar spine.

It is possible to trust a specialist in a clinic or done at home, in any case, the benefits will be invaluable.

The positive therapeutic effects of massage are:

  • improving the blood supply to diseased part of the body;
  • kneading muscles, what makes them and ligaments more flexible and elastic;
  • the relief of acute pain;
  • getting rid of the accumulated in the muscles and subcutaneous tissue of toxins;
  • a pleasant sensation by stimulating nerve endings of the skin;
  • positive emotions.

Well, when the massage is combined with the adoption of the bath or sauna.

Especially, it is useful to take a steam bath with brooms made of birch or oak, they stimulates all the vital processes and improves overall body tone.