Why and how sore right side from the back

Every pain gives a person uncomfortable, so the body often signals the presence of a particular disease. Pain in right side back side can have several causes, but in all cases requires qualified treatment. For the purpose of treatment your doctor will require data of complex examination of the patient. Without laboratory and instrumental research results, it is impossible to understand the root causes of pain in the right side.

How can it hurt the right side

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Back pain on the right manifests itself in different ways:

  1. Sharp, like something inside is burning and (or) cuts. This symptom is evidence of the failures of the systems and organs that are localized inside the body on the right side.
  2. Nagging pain turning into a dull or aching is a symptom of pathologies of the vertebral column. Usually it manifest herniation, pinched nerves and all kinds of neurology. In each of these cases the pain on the right side of the back reduces human performance.

It is worth noting that acute back pain right side - the signal for immediate treatment in a medical facility.

Often in this situation, surgery is required, without which there is a risk to patient's life. In addition, severe pain is complicated by the usual mode of work and rest.

Sharp pain in back right is triggered by the following changes:

  • sudden muscle contraction, causing cramping seizures;
  • sleep in an uncomfortable position or on an uneven mattress could trigger a pull back pain on the right or left immediately after waking up;
  • the development of inflammation - the source of the growing pain behind right;
  • irregularities in the activities of the Central nervous system cause shooting pain in the back or the back.

Localization of pain - important information about their medical history and treatment. Therefore, the visit to the doctor the patient should elaborate how the right side that hurts the back: with what intensity, long time and when it all started. Often it starts on the lumbar type of sciatica.

3 main causes of suffering

three main causes of suffering

To answer the question: why hurts right side, behind the back, the doctor must accurately determine the point of highest bodily suffering. The source of the syndrome can be in the Central, upper or lower part of the spine. Most often patients suffer from exactly the right direction.

The main causes that can cause pain in the right side of the back, include the following:

  • disease of bone and spinal structures;
  • developing pathology in the internal organs;
  • disorders of muscle mass.

Now about all the causes of pain in the right side of the waist or higher, more.

The impact of pathologies of the bone

The most common are the following types of dysfunctional changes in bone structure:

  • processes within the bone tissue, wearing a dystrophic or degenerative nature;
  • various kinds of injuries with zone locations - rear and lateral segment of the back.

In the first case, pain in the right back caused by abnormalities of the spine, which change not only bone structure, but cause deformation of individual vertebrae. Sometimes it can get the lumbar-sacral area and the source of pain is found above the spine.

The above listed diseases cause pinching of the nerve endings in the spinal cord, this compression is accompanied by severe pain. Strengthening of pain at that there is any movement of the body.

Lower back pain can be caused by the presence of degenerative dysfunctions:

  • a slight tingling in the fingers and (or) feet;
  • partial numbness of the body;
  • bound the nature of the movements.

But history taking physicians should exclude the man received a mechanical injury. Because fractures and contusions of ribs, the patient also complains of pain in the right side from the back.

Important: if back pain and right and the pain goes into the arm or leg, it is necessary to address urgently to the health facility.

Diseases of internal organs as a source of problems

diseases of internal organs the cause of the problems

Pathological changes in internal organs can cause pain under the ribs on the right and rear. When disturbed the activity of the liver and biliary tract, the patient complained of cramping pain on the right side of the back. If to the added symptom of vomiting, color change of eye sclera and the emergence of thirst with nausea, it is about the attack of acute cholecystitis.

Sharp and severe pain accompanies the rupture of an internal organ (e.g., liver). This process is followed by internal hemorrhage, when the blood flow moves directly under the diaphragm. At the same ache right side back pain is worse during deep breaths or coughing. This pathology develops after mechanical injury or is a consequence of the surgical intervention.

If the patient has a sore right side and radiates to the back, it may be due to the development of acute pancreatitis. At the same girdle pain has a pronounced localization - lower back, under the shoulder blade. On to painful sensations are added vomiting, not aggravated by coughing or deep breathing.

If it hurts right in the back, but internal injuries were not, we can talk about the development of phrenic abscess. Accompanying this pathology symptoms: increased body temperature of the patient, nausea with vomiting, the deterioration of the eyes.

If the pain in the right side of the back caused by lung disease, it is a consequence of pleurisy, inflammation or Oncology. A characteristic sign of disease - increase in pain when you change the depth of breathing or coughing. The area around the nose and mouth of the patient thus acquires a bluish tint, nausea, increased temperature of the body, and difficult breathing becomes shallow.

Lower back right side hurts more when inflammation of the appendicitis, or the development of the pathological process in right kidney. The nature of pain in the first case - aching pulling. The second case is accompanied by a cutting and pricking pain lower back. Doctor important to know: how long will whine the focus of inflammation, to appoint a competent treatment.

Weakened muscle activity

The back muscles can lose the full performance due to the impact of various factors:

  • excess physical activity;
  • hypothermia of the body in General or specifically spins.

Well-coordinated activity of the fibers is broken and the man says that a sore lower back in the right side. The reduction in lost working capacity of the muscles becomes the cause of severe pain, amounting to spasm. If the nerve roots are clamped in the lower segment of the spine, and pain to give downstairs in the lower back. Any problems with the spine it is important to decide in a timely manner to prevent the spread of hernias.

The therapy

the therapy

The main goal of the physician in the elimination of pain in the lower back is to relieve the patient from physical suffering, because such acts are only the consequence of more serious diseases and pathological conditions.

Once the pain stoped, developed scheme of therapy of the underlying disease. If the pain is on the right caused by appendicitis, then the patient is assigned to the operation. When pain syndrome in the area of the gallbladder or liver, shows a survey of a sick person in the presence of stones. Muscle pathology of the tissues being treated with a course of injections and the use of local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory ointments, gels.

A complete examination is the key to top quality therapy. The complex clinical and instrumental investigations in this case must include the following procedures:

  • ultrasound examination of small pelvis organs;
  • MRI of the spine;
  • laboratory analysis of biological material;
  • other methods that the attending physician deems necessary to complete the history.

Correct diagnosis and proper medical treatment is the key to good health of his patients. For its part, patients had to pay great attention to healthy lifestyle, to protect the back from mechanical injuries and overloads. Even minor low back pain should be a signal for treatment to doctors, because one single attack can hide the development of serious diseases. Joint flexibility, maintain muscle frame in good shape - the prevention of any back problems in old age.