What to do if back hurts

The colder it is outside, the more time you spend in the office or at home — Hey, a sedentary lifestyle and a bad back. So you won't be sad and hard, telling you what to do. By the way, even if you are suffering from pain, it was all good to do as a preventive measure.


Back pain

Before you do anything, you need to understand the causes of the pain. If it occurs periodically, most likely, it is because you overexerted in training or just spent a lot of time in one position. Plus the back pain can start due to stress. Then the following ways will help you. Of course, it is still possible to add painkillers and ointments — but advice for him is better to contact to the doctors.

If constant pain, especially in the lower part — this can be caused by problems with the kidneys or the sexual organs, and it is better to consult a doctor. It is also worth to do if the pain increases when you cough or sharp movements or gives in the limbs.

The correct position

You will be surprised, but maybe the cause of your pain lies in how you sit in the workplace, and it can be removed in five minutes. Most likely, you are looking at the monitor from the top down — it starts to hurt the neck and shoulders. Just enough to lower the chair down or put the monitor a little higher — for example, placing it on books. Relief comes within a minute.

Workout in a gym

When back pain it is important to "disperse" the blood, stretch and strengthen muscles. They create a kind of corset around the spine and help keep your body. You can train in the hall under the supervision of experts. It is better to choose the sports that combine stretching and a little physical activity, no sudden movements.

Pool. Swimming great unloads the spine and reduces pain. When you're in the water, you have involved the deep layers of muscles, which is very good for strengthening the "corset". Due to the fact that in this process stiffens the whole body, with easy swimming to get in shape. And, in the end, the swim much more enjoyable than puffing on the treadmill.

Pilates. Another sport that is loved by all who worried about the health of his back. During training, you interact with special equipment. Each has elements with springs that do any exercises stretching is very effective.

Workout at home


To solve the problem with the back without leaving home, you can do the exercises from physical therapy. Below are a few of those that help relieve tension.

Upgrades of the pelvis. Lie on your back, straighten arms at sides and raise your pelvis. Ideally, do it slowly and gradually, slightly rounding your back when lifting and when you return to starting position. Without fanaticism — is enough to make 15-20 times.

Swallow at the knee. Another exercise that helps stretch the deep muscles — swallow at the knee. First one to do the swing arm and leg — again will be enough 15. Then lock the body in statics — as long as you can stand.

Stretching. You need to stretch the whole body, including the back. Of course, nobody is expecting you that you will roll in the wheel, but the Mahi and the exhaust does not hurt.

Twisting. Plus, the stretch add a twist — they can be done both standing up and on her knees. Of the positive and what not for the back — waist is the fire.


If of time training you have, before trying to enter the ranks of the lovers of physical activity, go for a massage. Just clearly indicate in which zone you have a sore and where it all began — so it will be easier to help you. And Yes, it is likely that during the procedure you will be hurt, but then depart from the cabin on the wings. For example, can enroll in energy in a Spa or massage cupping — this will hurt, but the blood will disperse immediately.



Another procedure that will help to get rid of the pain and in General to improve the body acupuncture also known as acupuncture. This method of getting rid of all ailments appeared in China in ancient times. It is based on the theory that through us are meridians, which are associated with organs. And if the message between them is broken, they start to hurt. Therefore, in the point where something went wrong, put the needle to establish this energetic connection.


When treating back pain it is recommended to take b vitamins, especially B1 (benfotiamine) and B6 (pyridoxine). Thanks to them, improves metabolic processes in nerve roots, and you feel much better. Not necessarily immediately run to the drugstore — you can just make adjustments to your diet. B1 look in the cabbage, carrots, peanuts, peas, soy, oranges, and B6 in the garlic, walnuts, tuna, chicken, salmon, pistachios.