Back pain which doctor to contact

If back pain what doctor to address – the question of interest to many people faced with unpleasant problem. Especially with age, back pain appears to be more and more, if not to solve this problem. It can have different character: sharp, aching, drawing. When there are "horrible" feeling, a feeling of discomfort, a person has thoughts, back pain which doctor to turn to, who will help to cope with this disease. You must first understand the main causes of this condition. Only a qualified doctor can make a correct diagnosis based on careful examination, the test results of the conducted research.

back pain

The causes of back pain

Let's examine the main causes of pain:

  1. Disease, neurological (herniated discs).
  2. Curvature of the spine.
  3. Pleurisy.
  4. A nodule.
  5. Problems with the kidneys.
  6. Different problems with internal organs.

All the above-mentioned reasons encourage the patient to think about which doctor to go if your back hurts. Do not make this serious obstacle to getting the help of a professional in the field of medicine. Remember that without timely treatment, the miracle did not happen, so you need as soon as possible to go to the doctor. This should be done primarily to problems in this area were not to be repeated and become stronger over time. You can in some cases (when the misunderstanding of a correct diagnosis) can cause deterioration: hypothermia; lifting weighty objects; infection.

If you have a chronic disease and for back pain which doctor to apply this question should be simple, make an appointment with your doctor. Different pathologies can cause pain of a different nature, it is then necessary to take into account. For example, if you have at the moment, aching pain, then it may be associated with muscle inflammation need the help of a neurologist.

To what doctor to address if back is sore and there are stabbing sensations? This problem may occur due to several pathologies in the respiratory system or the urogenital. In such a situation will need the help of a urologist or pulmonologist. Stabbing in the back can also for the reason that the person has strained his back, then if back pain neurologists will help you.

The question arose, to what doctor to address if back pain if you don't know. The spine is a doctor involved in the study of the spine and its pathologies. You carefully examine and an overview of the disease.

You have sciatica or low back pain, hernia and back pain what kind of doctor is needed in this situation? It will help experienced neurologist. It may also diagnose the inflammatory process.

To which the doctor ask if back pain lower back in women? To the gynecologist, such discomfort can talk about ectopic pregnancy or inflammation of the reproductive system. In addition, even a perfectly healthy pregnancy may be the main cause of discomfort in the lumbar region.

If you constantly back pain receiving appropriate drugs can be prescribed only by the attending physician, who has already put the correct diagnosis on the basis of the results of the survey analyses.

After a fall from height accident back pain doctor will examine you carefully, do not delay a visit to a professional. Otherwise, the consequences can be quite serious. If the person got serious injury, then think long and do not need, an urgent need to call an ambulance. It will be the right decision.

Severe back pain what kind of doctor will help to cope with this phenomenon? If you don't know who to call, make an appointment with a therapist. The sooner you come to the doctor, the sooner you can get rid of the disease, which may long be disturbed.

If the neurologist has not diagnosed, but continues back pain what kind of doctor treats where to turn? Make an appointment to see a urologist. The cause of your problem may be a signal of patients, poorly working kidneys.

A sudden, sharp back pain doctor will help eliminate, but it will take some time should be spent on detailed studies of the body and obtain accurate test results.

If you need an endocrinologist — a doctor treating back pain associated with micronutrient deficiency, which include, for example, calcium, hurry up to come to him and get guidance.

the cause of the pain

In that case, if due to arthritis or osteoarthritis appeared back pain which doctor to contact? In this situation, you will help an experienced rheumatologist. He carefully examines the connective tissue. Sore back where to turn? Of course, you need to hurry and get a doctor's appointment in the clinic, entrusting your health to these professionals. Let you not concerned with the question back pain what kind of doctor is needed, the medical center will help you for sure, recommend to turn to experienced specialists.

If you assume that you are concerned about old injuries, pains in the back which doctor to go to for help? Here you will carefully examined by the surgeon, he explores the problems of the past, perhaps you threw out your back after working hard.

Backache, back pain who to contact in this situation? Make an appointment with the oncologist, because discomfort (backache) can be a tumor as benign or malignant nature. Do not delay going to an experienced specialist.

Thus, if you have a question, my back aches, to what doctor to address, first make an appointment with the GP, he will refer you to a specialist (neurologist, urologist, endocrinologist).

If back pain which doctor you need to apply

To the question, to what doctor to address if back pain, the answer is clear to experienced specialist. Of course, when you first encounter such a problem, before that no you did not put any diagnosis, then you need to make an appointment with an internist, a General practitioner. Only after the doctor carefully examine you and will ask some clarifying questions, you may need to consult other specialists. If back pain welcome the following physicians you will need:

  1. Neurologist.
  2. The doctor - the urologist.
  3. Gynecologist.

Each of these professionals carefully examine you and will appoint an appropriate survey in order to be confident in an accurate diagnosis. This will depend on your further treatment.

If you are constantly troubled the back pain which doctor to ask for advice and recommendations. If the reason lies in the condition of the spine, then you'll be working with a true professional in this field, experienced spine. In that case, if there is a pinched nerve, the nerve tissue is irritated appeared to inflammation, then you need to look into the office of a neurologist. But when the main problem lies in the condition of the internal organs, then you need to consult a cardiologist.


In order to determine the causes introduced pain need not only medical examination but also a number of additional studies, without which it is impossible to present a full picture of the encountered problem situation. Each patient can be assigned:

  1. Radiography of the spine.
  2. Analysis of blood and urine.
  3. Ultrasound of the hip joints.

With these tests, you can exclude some diseases and put the correct diagnosis.

Treatments back pain

Developed some methods for getting rid of pain:

  1. Manual therapy.
  2. Physiotherapy.
  3. Massage.

In difficult cases it is impossible to do without surgical intervention. In addition, the treatment will need special, doctor prescribed medicines. They help to reduce pain. Physiotherapy treatments are also equally effective way of getting rid of unpleasant pain. In the presence of financial capacity, can afford to relax at mud cure resorts.

Thus, only a comprehensive approach will help you, quickly and efficiently cope with back pain. Do not neglect the advice of the experienced doctor, the only professional on the basis of his experience, knowledge prescribe treatment that will help to avoid negative consequences.


If you don't want to deal with pain in the back, it is important to pay attention to the following important and easily implementable recommendations:

treatment and prevention
  1. To sleep on a pretty firm bed with soft mattress.
  2. Always keep a correct posture, strictly follow the given moment.
  3. Don't need a long time to be in the same position (especially if it is inconvenient for you). If you work at a computer, then take small, frequent breaks, during which you will be able to stretch, to move.
  4. Properly organize the workplace, everything must be as you can comfortably: be sure to take a chair with a rigid backrest, it is best if it has armrests, a headrest (it will help you a little, tilt your head and relax tense muscles). Remember that your forearms must fully lie on the table, not to be somewhere in the air, in the air.

Girls need to focus on shoes with high heels, you don't have to walk in those shoes more than two hours a day. Do not make sharp turns or inclines, avoid sudden loads. In that case, if you need to pick up a certain item, it is best to sit down a bit and to cope with the task than to bend over. In addition, if you for some reason have a long time to stand, for example, a few hours in public transport, then you must find for themselves a foothold that you can easily rely on. Strictly follow their own weight, the extra pounds have a negative impact on the health of your body. Refer to regular physical education classes. This has a positive impact on your condition. Swimming and fitness also play a significant role in taking care of yourself.