Lower back pain

Pain in the lower

If it hurts lower back, then this fact may signal the existence of various ailments. However, not all aware of the fact that such manifestations are not always the result of disruption or injuries to the spinal column. In order not to cause harm to the body, incorrectly interpreting symptoms, and choosing an incorrect treatment is to identify the exact cause of pain.

Why pain in lower back

Most cases of pain syndrome, localized directly at the lower back connected with the condition of the spine. According to medical statistics, most often the emergence of pain provoke ailments such as inflammatory disease which contributes to the limitation of the spine mobility and low back pain. Also the "primary" factors include a variety of dystrophic and degenerative changes in the spinal column. In addition, the following reasons are often lead to discomfort and pain in the lower back:

  • the consequences of kidney disease and hip organs and ailments of an infectious nature;
  • atypical appendicitis in an acute form, and various gastrointestinal diseases, including ulcers and intestinal obstruction;
  • failures of spinal blood supply, which are often the consequences of strokes;
  • the narrowing of the spinal canal;
  • long stay in one position and chronic hypothermia;
  • if the person fell on his back;
  • fractures and injuries of the spine.
 Why pain in lower back

Pain, localized in the lower back, during pregnancy is not commonly associated with mechanical injuries of the spine. Due to excessive load on individual segments of the spine (which is especially important for late timing), they have to "bend" and cause patients serious discomfort.

Urogenital diseases, changing hormone levels, chronic stress, continuous muscle tension throughout the working day, as well as a hernia between vertebrae in the same way can be the causes of pain in the lower back.

How to determine the exact cause of lower back pain

Low back pain right side, which is acute, most often is associated with persistent disorders of posture and prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position. In some cases pain, localized in this region, may indicate the displacement between the vertebrae disks. In addition, such manifestations are often associated with overweight, obesity, and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

If it hurts the lower back on the left, it often indicates a serious pathological processes occurring in the body of the patient. This fact may indicate the presence of tuberculosis, degenerative disc disease in the chronic form or curvature of the spine. Such pain syndrome is also associated with the following ailments:

  • angina;
  • severe form of acute pneumonia;
  • heart attack;
  • kidney stones.

The woman has symptoms of pain in the lower back is commonly divided into two categories:

  1. Dragging pain, accompanied by acute sensation and can cause discomfort over a long period of time often indicate the presence of inflammatory processes of internal organs, tendons and tissues.
  2. In case of sudden worsening with intense pain requires urgent medical care. This trouble is often associated with the opened internal bleeding, ruptured organ or peritonitis.

If a woman has back pain and lower abdomen at the same time, this fact often indicates an ectopic pregnancy. Severe pain that is accompanied by dizziness and nausea, can talk about apoplexy (rupture) of the ovary. Pain in the lumbar region commonly manifests as chronic severe pain, worse after a long stay in an uncomfortable position or high physical loads. If the pain radiates to the leg, need urgent diagnosis, since it may be a sign between vertebrae hernia.

Hormonal changes, swelling and inflammatory processes directly in the urogenital system, can be causes of pain in the lower back area after a month. The uterus in such a case, often backwards, which causes the compression of the nerve endings and causes severe discomfort.

Can from back ache the lower abdomen

Such symptoms characteristic of cystitis in the acute form and some other diseases related to urethra system. This problem commonly affects the female population, but its cause can also hide the problems with the intestines, adnexitis or ovarian cyst. Similar pain syndrome often seen with menopause because the body stops producing certain hormones in the required quantity.

Can from back ache the lower abdomen
Important! Reception of pharmaceutical drugs against pain are only able to stop the manifestations of pain syndrome. However, such a move will not help in the task of getting rid of the causes of discomfort.

Other reasons

Many people experience pain localized in the lower back after a workout or intense exercise. In primary risk are people who engage in contact sports and various martial arts. The abundance of throws, sudden movements and bad fall often lead to the disruption of the functioning of the spine and other damages. If the pain increases considerably immediately after workout should take a break and book an appointment with the competent medical officer.

If the lower back starts to hurt after exercise with a barbell, the reason may be in these factors:

  1. In the wrong position of the lower back. Some novice athletes who are seeking to take more weight too often bend the back, which causes the displacement of the vertebrae and a number of other negative consequences.
  2. Incorrect grip. Therefore, athletes that do not possess the proper experience, it is recommended to use the classic grip, or you can use special straps.
  3. Sharp jerks. All movements during a workout with weights and other sports equipment should try to complete as smooth as possible.
 Other reasons
Important! Before you start doing the exercises with a barbell, it's best to strengthen the muscles of the lower back with exercises for lower back and other body weight.

Men pain, localized in the lower back, often associated with sedentary work, such as the driver or the operator PC. However, the discomfort and pain affects not only the sedentary lifestyle but also increased physical activity without adequate rest. Therefore it is necessary to maintain the optimal balance, alternating activity with complete relaxation.

What to do for pain in the lower back

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to establish the exact cause of the pain. To install the most accurate diagnosis is to visit the following physicians:

  • therapist;
  • gynecologist;
  • proctologist;
  • urologist;
  • therapist of the respiratory system;
  • cardiologist;
  • the doctor treating injury and after injury syndromes;
  • a doctor who deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases;
  • the gastroenterologist.

If a woman has pain in lower abdomen and radiates to the back, associated it may be with the menopause and the effects of stress and transferred neurological disorders. In such cases, the pain syndrome is commonly accompanied by irritability and mood issues. If pain in lower abdomen and back at the same time, men, it is likely to signal the presence of inflammation of the urogenital area in the chronic stage.

 What to do

In the case of the occurrence of pain with walking, localized in the lower back, is to take the General biochemical analyses, as well as undergo MRI diagnostics. Based on the results of the research, as well as complaints of the patient and visual examination, the attending physician should prescribe the most appropriate therapy with the use of pharmaceutical preparations and methods of manual therapy.

Important! Pain in this area of the back that occurs after a massage can be quite a normal consequence of a rush of blood to the waist Department. However, in the case that discomfort and pain do not subside within a short period of time, definitely should consult a qualified doctor.

Than spread problem in the case of exacerbation of pain syndrome? Commonly in such situations are assigned to combined anti-inflammatory ointments and creams. If the patient does not suffer allergic reactions to bee products, it can be assigned to products that contain bee venom.

 How to get rid of the pain

How to get rid of these unpleasant symptoms? First of all, you need to monitor their own posture throughout the working day. It is also worth to pay special attention to regular performing exercises physical therapy and stick to your diet, including:

  • raw vegetables and fruits;
  • natural vegetable oils;
  • eating bananas, garlic, dried fruits, spinach and other products;

The diet should be accompanied by a waiver of coffee, alcohol, strong tea, and fatty, fried and smoked food. Whatever preventive measures are a swimming pool and a daily walk in the fresh air.