Ache right side back side

Today we offer an article on the topic: "Sore right side from the back." We have tried everything is clear and detail. If you have questions, ask in the end of the article.

pain in right side back

Pain in right side from the back can have different causes. This files most often for diseases of the respiratory organs, urinary tract, blood, reproductive system. Only after thorough diagnosis can be accurately diagnosed.

Types of pain in the right side from the back

The discomfort will be localized where the problem area is. Pain indicates a pathologic process. Sometimes giving in a certain area of the body. Pain may be different:

1. Cramping pain arise from the fact that sharply reduced muscle in hollow organs.

2. Persistent pain appear when stretched outer shell in parenchymatous structure.

3. Increasing pain says inflammatory process.

4. The sharp dagger suggests that severed some education, clogged vessel, suddenly there was internal bleeding.

5. Pain-backache characteristic of spinal cord, pathology of the nervous system.

6. Gnawing, dull, aching pain.

7. Long and short.

Please note that each pain is very dangerous, she indicates that in the body of a serious breach.

When to the er for pain in right side of back?

In some situations, to get rid of pain, an urgent need to call an ambulance to save the man. An ambulance is called, if a person has such characteristics:

1. The pain is sharp and sudden, a long time does not pass, it is localized on the right side.

2. Under the ribs had a strong unbearable pain, the person loses consciousness, he had to feel dizzy, he weakens.

Causes of pain on the right side of the back

When diagnosed it is important to pay attention to the character, localization of pain. Clarify the diagnosis can only doctor. It is important to consider the following factors:

1. Back pain center right, this indicates a serious renal disease.

2. Back pain under the shoulder blade on the right. This symptom is characterized by neurologic disease, it suggests that a pinched nerve. When sore back under right shoulder blade, so the person has a serious pulmonary disease – lung cancer, bronchial pneumonia, pleurisy.

3. Pain under ribs on the right side characterizes serious liver pathology or disease of the gall bladder, pancreas. When the pain is prolonged, be sure to examine the liver. If the pain for a long time does not pass, there is fever, vomiting, nausea, tense the abdominal muscles, so, a human cholecystitis. In this situation, the pain may radiate to the scapula, shoulder, chest.

the cause of the pain

4. Pain in lower back right side indicates a pathologic process in the spine, intervertebral hernia, problems with the urinary system. To alleviate the condition only after the person will accept another position.

5. In the morning my back hurts due to muscular dystrophy, if the wrong person picked up the mattress.

Treatment of pain in the right side from the back

You cannot use many medicine, you must know the opinion of the treating doctor not self-medicate. The right side is organs that are important for full activity. To relieve pain, you need to take analgesic drug. The pain will pass after accurately identified the cause.

Please note that the symptoms may indicate different diseases. In this situation it is very important to see a specialist, so you on time to protect yourself from complications.

When there is severe pain in the right side from the back?

1. Diseases of the respiratory organs – in pneumonia, pleurisy, malignant tumors in the bronchi and lungs.

2. Diseases of the digestive system with acute cholecystitis, intestinal colic, appendicitis.

3. Diseases of the urinary tract – hydronephrosis, retroperitoneal hematoma, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, abscess of the kidneys.

4. If you have problems with the spinal cord, spine. When a person has low back pain, disc herniation, spondylosis.

Features of pain in diseases of the respiratory organs

When pleurisy concerned about a sharp pain. Purulent form is accompanied by severe pain, poor breathing. Pain that intensifies when a person coughs, moves, talking about the dry form of pleurisy.

Inflammation of the lungs, besides the pain, sharply rising body temperature, severe cough, wheezing, the pain is intense. Pneumothorax is characterized by a sudden pain that radiates to the shoulder blade.

Features of pain in diseases of the digestive system

The pain is localized behind the right side of the says most often about acute cholecystitis, gives the girdle, the right intercostal, shoulder, shoulder blade. Sometimes burns in the lumbar region. An attack can last hours, days. Sharply rising temperature, concerned about severe vomiting.

Often the pain can be characterized by of intestinal colic, in this case it is necessary to take Nospanum. Dangerous when pain occurs in acute appendicitis, it is localized in the right side, gives ago. The symptom is rare, only when the appendicular Appendix is behind the caecum, it is large, it swells.

The characteristic pain of the urinary system

Pain in right side back may indicate serious renal disease – abscess, hydronephrosis. Discomfort may be different, often troubled by nagging, dull, sharp pain may increase when pressure on the lumbar region. In renal colic the pain is sharp, as the sign indicates thrombosis of the renal arteries.

So, to ache right side and back can have different causes. You need to consider that in addition to the internal diseases, symptoms indicate a hernia, spondylosis, degenerative disc disease, a pinched nerve. Often the pain is sharp, give it right back. In order to distinguish the pathology in the spine and diseases of the internal organs, you need to pay attention to other symptoms – pain, limited movement, stiffness, numbness.


Pain in the right side, manifested from the back – a symptom that can indicate many diseases, including serious. If the patient gets to the specialist in time, it will allow him to avoid fatal complications and receive appropriate treatment.