The causes of back pain in the lumbar region

Lower back pain can occur in women at a Mature age, but very often the young. They may be pulling or aching in nature, aggravated by movement and bending. Reason pulling pain down the lower back women many, pain can be a manifestation of some disease, and can be triggered by completely different factors.

Aching pain in explain

Back trouble is the most common cause of back pain in the lumbar region

When back pain is logical to first think about the condition of the joints and spine.


The density of bones determines their strength. After 30 years it decreases, which is associated with hormonal changes in the female body and metabolic disorders. That is why this phenomenon occurs in women 5 times more than the male population.

In osteoporosis the bone becomes porous, brittle. There is a high risk of serious fractures even with a minor fall in which the elderly person can remain bedridden.

In the elderly the density of bones decreases usually because of calcium deficiency and hormonal deficiency – senile or senile osteoporosis. One of the most common symptoms is pain in the lumbar. It is also possible curvature of the spine, the deterioration of posture. The disease is usually detected when referring the patient to the doctor about broken bones. If there were more than two fractures in a row means the probability of the presence of osteoporosis.

In the preventive purposes to women after 45-50 years recommended assessment of bone density – a study that identifies mineral mass and bone density.

In the treatment of osteoporosis are used calcium supplements and vitamin Dwhich helps absorb calcium in the body. Also adjusted diet, nutrition and physical activity.


The defeat of the joints-damaged cartilage is called osteoarthritis. The disease progresses gradually, acquiring a chronic character. Destruction of cartilage is irreversible and leads to deformation of all elements of the joint - arthrosis.

If the pathological process occurs in the region of the lumbosacral, his call was spondilo-arthrosis. At the edges of the affected joints are formed osteophytes, affecting many nerve endings in the lower back. The result is a pain syndrome can develop so that the person loses the ability to work and forced to be on disability the rest of your life.

In women, the disease occurs as a result of external and internal factors:

  • injuries of the joints;
  • excess load when playing sports or professional;
  • the extra weight increases stress on joints;
  • hormonal changes;
  • violation of metabolism.

Risk factors treats and genetic predisposition. Also the likelihood of deformation of the joints increases with age.

In women after of 50 years age factor is combined with the menopause, worsening of degenerative processes in bone tissues. If the cause is determined, the osteoarthritis is secondary. If it originated is unclear why it is called primary.

Because to rebuild damaged cartilage and reversing structural changes in the joints without surgery is impossible, conservative treatment for osteoarthritis is aimed at load reduction and the regulation of metabolic processes in bone tissue.

You need to get rid of excess weight, avoid heavy lifting in the acute phase of the disease to comply with the floor bed. Apply painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.


Arthritis is called the inflammation in the joints. Osteoarthritis very similar symptoms, mechanisms, manifestations and causes of osteoarthritis. The difference lies in the severity of inflammation. For arthritis pain initially arises from inflammation of a joint, and at the end of the time in the chronic form progresses, deformation, wear of cartilage, immobility of the joints.

Inflammation is often acute, is manifested in the result of precipitating factors (hypothermia, carrying heavy loads, SARS). To relieve inflammation and alleviate the condition help heat ointments and gels, load reduction and activity in the period of exacerbation.


Regular back pain can be a result of degeneration of the intervertebral discs – osteochondrosis. When lumbar osteochondrosis flat and depleted disks compress blood vessels and nerve endings in the lumbar spine.

Along with restriction of mobility of the spine in women there are other symptoms and complicationsassociated with impaired blood circulation:

  • failure of the menstrual cycle;
  • irritability;
  • sweating;
  • aggravation of varicose veins;
  • cold, tingling, and tingling in the lower extremities;
  • sleep disturbance, fatigue;
  • disruption of the functioning of the urogenital system.
Sleep disturbance

If you suspect osteoarthritis to confirm the diagnosis, prescribe x-rays of the lumbar region or computer tomography. If the disease is identified, establish the causes. They are the same as those of osteoarthritis.

Neglected disease leads to destruction of the vertebrae, the process becomes chronic and irreversible. To stop the progression of the disease and reduce pain, in addition to the standard facilities to help special orthopedic corsets with stiff inserts.


Common complication of degenerative disc disease is an inflammation of the bundles of nerve fibers between the vertebrae – sciatica.

Sciatica can occur for other reasons:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • intense workout;
  • strong stresses;
  • infection.

The pain in this disease is sharp, increases with the change of position, sneezing, coughing. This disease can manifest itself throughout life. Drug therapy is a significant effect does not, so women often turn to folk remedies: sauna, hot compresses and polishing, a belt made of wool, herbal infusions.

Herniated discs

Acute lower back pain can be the consequence of a herniated discoccurs when the displacement of the disk between the vertebrae and nerve roots pinched them. To the occurrence of hernias cause curvature of the spine, osteochondrosis, trauma, tumors, tuberculosis.

At an early stage – within a few years the pain may be dull and subsided in the supine position. With increasing hernia the character of the pain changes – it becomes shooting and aching, spreading to the pelvis and lower limbs. Because of the constant pain spazmiruyutsya muscles, helps you stretch, the developing bias of the back stoop.

If you do not pay attention to a herniated disc and run it, it can lead to the death of the spinal cord and paralysis.

As a result of all the listed diseases of the back can occur in the lower back lumbago – lumbalgia. This acute pain, which lasts a few weeks, leads to early disability.

Diseases of the internal organs, urogenital system

Lower back can hurt not only from-for problems with joints and spine. In the lumbar region are located in the kidneys, and hence the inflammatory processes occurring in them and in the urinary tract can be given back pain. This usually happens when exacerbation of pyelonephritis and urolithiasis and is characterized by aching pain.

Among the rare causes of pain, but still encountered include: acute pancreatitis, aortic aneurysm.

Gynecological nature of back pain is manifested in endometriosis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus. This pathology may be accompanied by violation of the cycle, bloody discharge, drawing pains in the abdomen.

When such reasons the treatment is not aimed at the lumbar region, and in particular ongiving a pain effect.

Physiological causes

Do not have back pain result from pathological processes. Women are so manifest and physiological changes in the body.


Occur during pregnancy and obstetric related causes of back pain:

  • hormonal changes;
  • the divergence of the bones of the symphysis;
  • the threat of miscarriage;
  • the increase of body weight;
  • the pressure of the uterus on the nerve endings of the spine;
  • false labor;
  • the beginning of birth.

Need future and later the nursing mother to make up for the deficiency of trace elements and nutrientsdepends on the condition of the musculoskeletal system.


Back pain with menstruation is a natural phenomenon. They were influenced by hormonal changes in the body. Before the onset of critical days, the lower back may be sore due to accumulation of tissue fluid and formation of edema.

Big Breasts

Someone seems a gift of nature, and for someone source of problems. Chest the fourth and more dimensions has a solid weight.

To keep him standing upright, the spine, ligaments and back muscles are constantly tense. Such "training" is not useful, it creates unusual stress on the joints, causing can develop back trouble listed above.

Big Breasts


Overweight is a big test for the spine and other bones. It adversely affects the condition of the cartilage and the health of the intervertebral discs. In obese women there is always chronic articular disease, and sometimes a whole bunch. With getting rid of the excess weight begins treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis, sciatica.


Menopause plays a huge role in the condition of the joints. Women who already have back trouble, they are aggravated. Those who are able to avoid joint problems in youth, in old age will certainly have to deal with them.

Estrogen and progesterone are the main female hormones. During the climax of their development is considerably reduced, and rebuilds the entire body. Because sex hormones influence not only on the genitals. Estrogen, for example, is involved in the regulation of the nervous system that affects the skin, breast, bones.

Household reasons why sore lower back in women

For domestic reasons, which hurts the lower back include:

  • prolonged sitting in front of computer or TV;
  • the transfer of heavy objects;
  • drafts, hypothermia;
  • work in the slope in the garden;
  • physical activity;
  • a sedentary lifestyle.

Surprising that back pain is equally concerned about how lazy the people are overly active. The girl who is obsessed with the fitness results and climbs out of the gym, may was surprised at one point to discover they had low back pain. As the dumpling that eats pies and sitting down all day watching TV.

The wrong seat

Speaking of seat, it is important not that how much you sit, but also as. At school all learn to observe an erect posture. It is of great importance for the prevention of diseases of the back, including curvature of the spine. Also straight posture ensures the normal circulation and nutrition of the bones that allows you to activate metabolic processes, cell renewal, permanently preserve youth and health.


A cold can trigger inflammation such as joints and internal organs – kidneys, uterus. When complications can become chronic disease. Therefore, mothers always teach their daughters to beware of draughts, the cold wind and not to sit on cold surfaces.

High heel

High heel

Beauty requires sacrifice, but sacrifice of wearing heels can be high. Crooked fingers, heel spurs and, of course, problems with the spine – that's what awaits the trendy and stylish girls in high heels.

Constant wearing of high heels and consequently uncomfortable shoes provokes a deformation of the joints of the ankle and of the foot. Whereby during walking the load is incorrectly distributed to the whole skeleton, including the spine.

Lifting, carrying heavy loads

Be torn back easily when moving or renovating, helping her husband carry the heavy furniture and bags of plaster. Women rarely save themselves, and as a result health suffers.

When lifting weights is sprain of the back. Acute pain may occur due to flow some chronic back trouble, the aggravation of which provoked heavy loads.

Moderate physical activity, walking outdoors, swimming, the correct mode of work and rest will help to eliminate negative factors and prevent back pain.