Pain in lower back treatment

When a loved one hurts the lower back, all tend to suggest something: grandmother heated a brick and rubbing, aunt — urgently to pass a urine test. What actually can cause pain in this area of the body, what are their causes?

pain in lower back

Characteristics of the pain syndrome

When patients talk about "lower back", you need to specify which zone they mean. This is usually all that lies below the rib cage (loin and rump) along the spine and right and left of him.

Lower back pain can have different intensity, duration, irradiation and different location. Often patients associate the maximum manifestation of pain:

  • sharp movements;
  • the rotation of the body;
  • by tilting the spine forward;
  • the rise of the legs.

Dull pain can harass constantly, to grow in the night. Sudden sharp pain literally breaks people, is accompanied by pallor, rapid heart rate, high blood – pressure rise.

Possible radiating to the leg, shoulder blade, groin, abdomen, or local tenderness of the lower back on palpation, tapping.

The pathogenesis of pain

Why is there pain? The answer is simple: "So the person feels irritation of pain receptors (nerve endings of fibers) in tissues or on motion of a pulse".

Nerve endings located in the capsules of all the organs (kidney, pancreas, intestinal wall). Hence, any disease process can cause a painful reaction. Often there is a stretching of the capsule due to inflammation and swelling of internal organs.

What can you pinch a passing nerve trunk?

The roots extend from the spinal cord in accordance with the segments. They can be deformed and injured during the troubles of the vertebrae (the bone spikes growing osteochondrosis, herniated disc, hernia, curvature in scoliosis, the destruction of the articular surfaces).

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Injuries to the lumbar and sacrum are accompanied by:

  • injuries;
  • fractures of the lower ribs and the pelvic bones;
  • swelling of the soft tissues;
  • the formation of hematomas.

They are also negative effect on the nearby nerves.

Benign or malignant tumors of internal organs or spine can cause destruction of the bones, the mechanical pressure on nerve endings. The same process occurs when specific tuberculous lesions of the vertebrae.

If the cause is in the spine

Any increased load on the spine can be the cause of the pain. These include:

  • heavy lifting (especially jerk) bottom up;
  • incorrect posture while working at a Desk;
  • prolonged immobility posture in the car.

Incorrect height of table and chair in the workplace can cause muscle pain

Awkward body position gradually leads to constant back pain due to muscle tension. It is important to take measures to normalize workplace, monitoring your posture, and activity breaks with uneven traction. Such pain can be eliminated independently.

Sharp lower back pain left or right occurs when lifting weights with one hand. There is a sharp compensatory curve of the spine in the opposite direction.

Osteochondrosis leads to destruction of vertebral bodies and growth processes. The result is a strong radicular pain. According to their irradiation neurologists are judged on the location of the lesion at the bottom of the spine. The same symptoms of compression gives the loss of disc herniation.

The table shows the main direction of irradiation of the pain

Place of compression of the spine (vertebra) The spread of the pain
lumbar 3-4 at the back of the buttocks and thigh down to the heel, in the area above the knee
lumbar 4-5 at the posterolateral side of the buttocks and thigh down to the calf
lumbar sacral 5-1 down from the buttocks and back of thigh, calf, foot goes to the side of the foot and lower leg

Moreover, neurologists are discovering the characteristic numbness of the skin with osteochondrosis of the lumbar to the hip down the back right or left depending on the side of the lesion. Pain in the upper lumbar vertebrae sensitivity is in the region of the gastrocnemius muscle and the lateral surface of the foot.

the causes of back pain

In the long course of the disease there is weakness in the hip muscles and the foot. Measurement of the volume at thigh level, shows a decrease from the patient side. This is due to muscle atrophy.

Special inflammation of the vertebrae in ankylosing spondylitis, psoriasis causes stiffness and movement disorders.

Gravity recommended to carry in both hands, distributing the weight equally

What diseases cause lower back pain

Kidney disease occur with pain. It is characterized by:

  • pain in the lumbar region on palpation of the kidneys and tapped;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • disturbed urination (cramps, increased urination);
  • irradiation in the groin area;
  • changes in urine (appearance of red blood cells, protein, leukocytosis).

Inflammatory diseases of the kidneys accompanied by severe constant pain. For kidney stones typical paroxysmal acute low back pain radiating to tailbone, and groin. The attack appears every time the stone moves.

Pancreas tail division is adjacent to the spine. Therefore, it is the inflammation (pancreatitis) causes severe encircling bouts of prolonged pain. They are usually associated with the diet (eating fatty foods, drinking alcohol). Accompanied by vomiting, cold sweats.

Disease of the colon (ulcerative colitis, tumors, hemorrhoids, abscess) are the cause of pain in the abdomen and back. Accompanied by stool disorders, intestinal bleeding, weight reduction.

Often back pain in pregnant women occur as a result of changes in the sacrum, pressure of the uterus

Pain in functional disorders

Known pain that occurs in girls and women before and during menstruation. While by nature they may be aching or cramping.

Localization is usually on the back rear right and lower left, lower abdomen. Gynecologists believe that they are caused by hormonal failure, violation of the ratio of estrogens and androgens.

At the same time women feel nausea, salivation, weakness.

Particular importance is attached to back pain during pregnancy. They can indicate increased tone of the uterus and provoke abortion. Therefore, to tolerate and to cope with this pain is impossible. You should call an Ambulance.

Pain in the benign fibroid of the uterus accompanied by bleeding.

An experienced doctor will prescribe the treatment of the pain syndrome only after the examination and clarification of the reasons. Categorically is prohibited to warm up the back, to RUB with ointment, to undergo physiotherapy. Only a specialist can determine the correct therapy in a particular case.

Causes of lower back pain in women

Different pain below the waist in women can be a symptom of many diseases, ranging from minor to deadly. Sometimes women feel a pulling pain at sharp movements. Common back pain during menses.

But such symptoms are usually transient. But chronic pain in the lumbar spine is already talking about some kind of apparent illness.

It is important to identify the characteristic symptoms of dangerous diseases or harmless, and in any unclear situation to visit the local therapist.


What can be the causes of lower back pain in women? There are many different ailments. Constant pain in the lumbar region in women – a bad sign. Because lumbar pain of this type usually do not Bode well.

Increased load

Blame some pulling pain in the lower back in women are unusual physical exertion.

If the girl was familiar with sports and made a sharp increased load on the back – the chance of muscle strain.

If aching pain in the lower back do not stop for 3-4 days, you must see a doctor. After the load may be damaged not only the muscles but also the discs, and this is a good reason.

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Osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia

The cause of low back pain in women can be low back pain. For this pathology there is a change in the structure of intervertebral disks, cartilage destruction. Previously, the elastic disc becomes rigid, loses damping properties.

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The next stage of the pathological changes in compression of the intervertebral discs, which is a protrusion. What spinal nerves are compressed, the blood circulation and the coordination of movements, the pain increases.

The final stage of osteoarthritis – the emergence of intervertebral hernia. This pathology is another reason why sore lower back in women.

As a rule, pain in the lumbar region is very pronounced , radiating to the limbs and other parts of the back.

In this state, the ridge can whine almost any body position (except lying).

Disease gynecology

Gynecological diseases often causes pain below the waist in women. Can get sick as the lower back and side areas.

There are disease:

  • Tumor formation (cysts) in the ovaries;
  • Pathology of the uterus;
  • Varicose veins of the organs surrounding the pelvic floor;
  • Benign neoplasm in the inner wall of the uterus;
  • The rupture of the ovarian tissue.

It is for such reasons often pulls the waist in women. Having discomfort, lack of energy, irritability and other symptoms. However, it can be a lot of really dangerous consequences: problems with the birth of children, violation of menstruation cycles.

Kidney disease

If there is pain in the lower back right or left, or even girdle lower back pain – high probability of renal abnormalities, one of which is pyelonephritis.

During exacerbation of such infectious diseases is inflammation of the kidney (one or two). Lower back pain on the right – not the only symptom of this pathology.

The person feels a number of negative phenomena:

  • The increase in body temperature;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Migraine;
  • Dysfunction of the urogenital system;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Exudative discharge.

Many women who choose to have children and got pregnant, often there is pain in the lower back. Associated with physiological changes in the structure of the hip belt back pain are absolutely normal and require no treatment.

Aching pain in the lower back caused by a sharp increase in body weight and localization of the fetus in the region of the lumbar. In the last months of pregnancy may be sore as the lower back and lower abdomen.

These symptoms are not uncommon, but if you want to discuss the issue with your doctor.


Another cause of pain in the lower back in women – excessive coating of the epithelium. In this disease the upper skin layer of the uterus that covers the excess area of the pelvis.

Endometriosis not only provokes pain in the lower lumbar, the disease can lead to serious consequences. At untimely treatment, the ignoring of the disease is disturbed reproductive function.

And back pain below the waist can result in infertility.


If pain in lower back in women may have her period. This phenomenon is repeated regularly, so that girls know what to expect.

Lower back pain right lower back pain and left lower abdomen arise as a result of uterine contractions and a sharp increase in body mass of stagnant water in the body.

Breast size

Some women with 4-5 breast sizes may experience pain in the lower lumbar.

Moreover, the load on the thorax increases and you may receive an osteochondrosis of the thoracic, and the load on the lower back comes from the unnatural bend in the spine.

In such a situation, back pain mainly due to improper posture, stooped posture. Doing exercises to strengthen the muscles – extensor muscles along the spine and taking the active lifestyle, this back pain can be avoided.


Another reason why sore lower back in women, long — term wearing shoes with too high heels. When walking the pelvis slightly goes up and the lower back appears unusual bending. The load increases and occurs aching pain in the lower back.


Some back pain on the right back connected with a certain period in the life of every woman.

During menopause occurs hormonal failure and blood circulation in the pelvis is broken. As a result, the spine is not getting the right amount of nutrients.

And, directly, the cause of pain – complications from vitamin deficiency (osteoporosis, etc.).


The female body contains more fatty tissue than men. Elderly ladies are predisposed to be overweight, can gain a lot of extra weight. In this situation, the spine experiences severe constant load.

>Disease Oncology

Tumors of any kind, reaching a certain size, begin to create pressure on the nerve endings.


The result may be pain below the waist the left or right, dependent on the localization of the tumor.

Benign or malignant pathological education, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment. Any tumor can sooner or later become lethal.


Why there is pain in the lower back or abdomen? If the dress not for the weather, sitting on cold surfaces may experience hypothermia.

The pain below the waist on the right occurs if a girl cooled the organs surrounding the pelvic floor. However, can be highly cool and lumbosacral spine.

Sharp pain in lower back right in women can be the cause of this hypothermia.